Last month Poornima Vijayashanker shared insights on differntiating with design from her new book How to Transform Your Ideas into Software Products. Today, we're launching a contest to give away five copies. Answer the following question to enter:

"What's your favorite example of a product that differentiates based on design?"

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Five winners will be chosen from the valid entries—contest ends on Friday, October 17th.

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I live in Australia and I am 62 years old. I have some ideas that I want to 'action' them now. This book would be a great start

My favorite example of a product that differentiates based on design is Uber! Uber actually changed the way of ordering cabs with their creative thinking! 

I have read a part of this book and some interesting topics like speed up software, how to attract top technical talent and its amazing. Must have book and I really want to read this complete book but how can I get this for free? Competition is over and i missed the deadline too.