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A framework to take organizations from output to outcome focused product metrics.

The Full Loop Analytics Framework

A few months ago, while creating a metrics dashboard for a client I had an epiphany: “if a product is only viable when User, Product and Business are equally present (thinking of the product triad), how come most of the existing frameworks focus on isolated parts of the trilogy?”

I created a framework for considering all 3 parts of the equation:

  1. Key Experience Indicators measure the relationship between User and Product, understanding product performance as a result of user satisfaction.
  2. Key Performance Indicators measure the impact of product performance on business results. In other words, KPIs look at product metrics in terms of business results.
  3. Key Business Indicators measure how user experience impacts business results.

This way fo measuring performance:

  • provides a holistic view of product performance,
  • makes sure that improvements in one area don’t have a negative impact on others,
  • and ensures that everybody is thinking in outcomes (company-wide results) rather than outputs (individual metrics)

Read the full article below for information on each triad, how I created the framework, and ways of applying it to your organization.

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