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The idea of design systems can be found throughout history. In order to meet expanding needs, designers turn to design systems to streamline design with the hopes of providing value at lower cost and effort.

Article by Tony Olsson
The Best Design System Is No System
  • The idea of design systems might still be new to some but fairly established in UI design for some years now while the idea of a systemized approach to design can be found throughout history.
  • Tony Olsson, Lead Product Designer at Axis Communications, makes you question the capabilities of a system by recollecting past history events.
  • The ideas behind design systems are based on system thinking which assumes that a whole can not be fully explained in terms of its parts and can not be understood without reference to its environment.
  • The design system encourages fragmentation and isolation of design problems with clear answers, constraints, feedback loops in linear stages.
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10 min read

Foundational UX skills that will help your team delve deeper into UX design

Article by Ward Andrews
How to Train and Develop the 12 Competencies of UX Design
  • There are 12 core competencies that a UX design team should master. These skills differentiate human designers from any existing robot.
  • Looking for a purpose and asking “why” in addition to “how” and “what” is a good starting point to deliver the right solution that solves users’ problems.
  • It is equally important to validate designs, review user flows, refine UX writing skills, and, most importantly, become genuine advocates for users experience.

Read the article to get practical advice on how to develop these 12 core competencies of a UX team.

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13 min read

A step-by-step guide for those who strive to save time and provide better user experience.

Article by David Dikman
Usability Testing Quickstart in 30 Minutes
  • Taking the time to conduct usability testing allows to discover bugs at earlier stages and earn time to redesign some features.
  • Usability testing doesn’t have to be long. Even 30 minutes might be enough to identify the most critical issues and save costs and development time.
  • There are four main stages to follow to run a test: defining what should be tested, preparing a prototype, explaining to users what we want them to do, observing them.
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9 min read

Discover the common mistakes in creating UX personas and how to avoid them to artifact products that meet users’ needs.

Article by Adam Fard
UX Personas are Useless. Unless Created Properly
  • UX personas are meaningful for product management and UX design only if they are based on real data and not on assumptions.
  • Leveraging UX personas is key to empathizing with users, making informed decisions, and designing valuable products.
  • A common mistake is overlooking the research stage or not putting enough effort and time into refining UX personas.
  • It is vital to get as deep as possible and collect relevant information by communicating with stakeholders, conducting prior research and interviews, identifying differences between users, and creating baselines.
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5 min read

A thought-provoking set of reflections that will help to take a deep dive into the essence of design.

Article by Dan Saffer
100 Things I Know About Design

Dan Saffer, a leading product designer with extensive experience, shares the hard-learned lessons on design. All there is to know about design condensed to 100 nuggets of wisdom

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8 min read

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