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A Guide for Professionals Seeking Advancement

Article by Nate Schloesser
10 Essential Lessons for Career Growth
  • The article offers crucial insights into achieving career growth through ten actionable lessons, providing valuable advice for professionals at all stages of their careers.
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10 min read
Article by Pratik Joglekar
Rediscovering The Joy Of Design
  • The article contains a few ideas that would help designers rediscover that spark of joy within themselves by effectively placing massive importance on mindfulness, introspection, and forward-looking.
  • To prevent the work designers do from feeling meaningless, check out a few ideas that would help rediscover that spark of joy.

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15 min read

This UX designer learned the hard way, but you don’t have to.

Article by Diana Wolosin
10 Things No One Told Me About Design Systems
  • The article explores essential insights into design systems, uncovering often-overlooked aspects and lessons from the experience as a UX designer.
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7 min read

We’ve hit a turning point, or tipping point if you will, in the history of technology. It’s changing the way we design digital products and services forever, and if you think that I’m being hyperbolic, don’t take my word for it.

Article by Jurgen Gravestein
Why Every UX Designer Should Study Conversation Design
  • The article discusses the significance of incorporating conversation design into UX design, emphasizing the growing role of generative AI in shaping digital products and services.
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5 min read
Article by Rich Nadworny
Ideation and AI
  • The article discusses a study that compares the ideation abilities of MBA students and ChatGPT, with ChatGPT outperforming in both the quantity and quality of ideas.
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3 min read

People who find ways to combine their knowledge and experience with AI-enabled tools will always have work waiting for them.

Article by Robb Wilson
5 Surprising Jobs That Won’t Get Eliminated By AI
  • The article explores how AI is transforming the job landscape but highlights five types of jobs that won’t be eliminated by AI, emphasizing the importance of human interaction, contextual understanding, and creativity in these roles.
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9 min read

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