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UX Magazine has been exploring, promoting, and discussing the realm of experience design for more than two decades. Pre-dating wikipedia’s first mention of “UX” by roughly 5 years, we’ve seen a lot of change in the ways that experience design has been implemented and understood.

In the early days, there was a clear focus on defining roles, articulating best practices, and persuading stakeholders to take UX seriously. As experience design has become more commonplace and its practitioners secured their seats at the table, our focus has evolved.

The scope of our namesake has grown, but as a non-profit with no membership fees, UXM has always been a collaborative publication relying on the expertise and insight of leaders, thinkers, and doers around the world. User experience has in many ways merged with customer experience management, employee experience, and the broader management of business and technology—you could even argue that UX is the intersection of all of the above.

Interactions with customers and employees are increasingly happening through software interfaces, to the point where, even prior to the COVID19 pandemic, companies without ample software interfaces were the exception to the rule. For that reason, in many companies, UX largely defines CX.


As the dreams of many UX practitioners have come true—there are few organizations left that don’t have some form of experience design at the core of their operations—those practitioners have moved into new roles, bringing user awareness to all aspects of business.

UX now encompasses customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX). It’s now something that everyone has a vested interest in. We’re continuing to extend and deepen our coverage as we move into a new phase of experience design where the convergence of COVID19, advanced hyper-automation and AI-powered conversational interfaces are, in essence, gasoline being poured onto an already blazing 20-year-old fire.

We’re committed to bringing you perspective from the front lines of this shift, drawing on the knowledge of a community of over 500,000 leaders, thinkers, and doers. We’ll continue sharing stories from experience design pioneers like Donald Norman, Jesse James Garret, Jared Spool, and Allan Cooper as well as many of today’s top innovators, thinkers and doers.

There’s virtually no aspects of daily life remaining that UX doesn’t affect, and here you’ll find information that keeps you current with this ongoing conversation.


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