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Good design doesn’t speak for itself. You are the best person to tell the story you create. So when the opportunity arises, tell it impressively!

Why I stopped letting the design speak for itself
  • Since ancient times, stories have been a useful tool to connect and convey human culture, reduce loneliness, and inspire the team by connecting the facts and create shared goals.
  • Powered by passion, designers can create great stories but often forget investing in telling them and then regret seeing them fade away.
  • Storytelling thinking helps design stand out. Through storytelling, we can put ourselves in other people’s shoes. And when we can understand what they’re going through, empathy emerges.
  • Customers or decision-makers in projects are not rational as they think; they make emotional decisions, relying on their feelings for the product.

Read the full article to get this author’s perspective on why storytelling matters in design.

Share:Why I stopped letting the design speak for itself
3 min read

If there’s one thing I learned over five years in an AI leadership role with a Big 4 Consulting Firm, it’s that the popular view of Conversational AI misses the point.

Share:The Problem with How Organizations are Thinking about Conversational AI – an Insider’s Guide
12 min read

Experience Principles are a powerful way to shape and steer a brand’s expression. They allow better, more relevant and coherent experiences along the entire user journey.

Share:Writing Great Experience Principles – 5 Tips
3 min read

Five questions to answer when building your omni-channel customer experience.

Share:Are You Ready to Give Your Customers an Omni-Channel Experience?
6 min read

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