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Win This Book (Again)! Drawing Ideas

by UX Magazine Staff
1 min read
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We’re giving away two more copies of Drawing Ideas, and this time, the authors want to see what you can sketch.

Earlier this year, we gave away a couple of copies of Drawing Ideas in a contest that challenged our readers to come up with a design problem that authors Mark Baskinger and William Bardel could explore with a sketch. We’ve got two more copies to give away, and this time Mark and William would like to see what you can draw. Their challenge:

“Show us where wearable technology is headed and what kind of ecosystem it will exist in.”

Submissions must be drawn by hand and tell a good story. Winners will be selected by the authors and will receive a print edition of Drawing Ideas along with a stencil from UI Stencils. Winning sketches will also be published in UX Magazine.

To enter, send jpg .png or .tiff files to [email protected] using the subject line “Drawing Ideas Giveaway.” The contest deadline is Friday, October 10th.

And to refresh your memory on how sweet the book is, here’s our video flip-through:

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