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Process notes of creating an online magazine for a female professional.

Nova: A Modern Publication for the Sexy Nerd
  • The article covers the creation of an online magazine,“NOVA” — a publication focused on spicing up the life of female professionals.
  • The author shares process notes and perspective from each of the project phases:
    • Research (qualitative research, competitor analysis, interviews, quantitate research)
    • Card Sorting
    • LOW-FI (wire framing)
    • MID-FI (edits)
    • Branding (colors, font, voice&tone, mood board)
    • Hi-Fi
  • Lessons and learnings from the project:
    • Mind spacing, especially margins
    • Balance between creativity and function in every design
    • Know when enough is enough
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NOVA: A Modern Publication for the Sexy Nerd | Jennifer O’Donnell


Affordance in Good Product Design
  • Knowing how affordance impact user experience design is necessary for producing high-quality, user-friendly products.
  • The article covers:
    • The definitions of affordances and signifiers
    • Types of affordances
    • How affordances can be used in UX design
    • How to design for the best affordance
  • Using affordances well can reduce the time your customers think and explore so they can achieve their goals faster and easier.
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Affordance in Good Product Design

Personalization can be a powerful tool for engagement. Here are recommender systems.

5 levels of product personalization: an intro to recommender systems
  • Personalization is a powerful tool for engagement, increasing customer retention and beneficial to acquiring new customers.
  • When working with personalization:
    • Work with your copywriters and be creative
    • Watch user signals
    • Filter content
    • Create collaborative filtering
    • Practice “Bandits” models
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Has UX research ever been the priority for your stakeholders? If not, here are some ways to convey its significance.

Influencing UX Stakeholder Values: 6 Ways to Convey the Significance of User Research
  • When stakeholders have insights around user needs, goals and behaviors, the team can make evidence-based decisions.
  • One of the most common pain points are having to communicate and prove the value of UX and user research to leadership.
  • One author shares some ideas to overcome this:
    1. Understand the “why” behind the push-back
    2. Speak your stakeholders’ language
    3. Don’t fight the battle alone
    4. Find and use tools made by the government, for the government
    5. Identify quick wins to show the value of UX faster
    6. Get better value for stakeholders out of the user research
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Wrestling with mental health on- and off-screen

A designer’s guide to anxiety
  • The global burden of anxiety disorders is constantly increasing, as does the need to discuss how technologies contribute to it and whether designers can alleviate the problem.
  • Although designers are not to blame for modern anxiety, they have the tools to incentivise healthier living.
  • Users, for their part, have to examine how they interact with technologies and how that affects their mental health.
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Why It’s Time to Leave UX Laws Behind

I Want to Break Free
  • In today’s frenetic technological age, there is less room for creativity and the one-size-fits-all approach often prevails when it comes to design.
  • Although automation has numerous benefits, it also over-relies on UX laws and decreases the eagerness to experiment. This, in turn, hinders innovation and promotes a restrictive UX approach that seeks to “trap” users.
  • UX/UI specialists have the power to reshift the focus in the current UX trends to foster creativity and give users more freedom.
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Frame 1 UX Laws Behind

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