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Banking and finance have dwelled in an ivory tower throughout their history.

Article by Adam Fard
Fintech UX Design Trends for 2023
  • Many banks are implementing innovative solutions to make the user experience not only effective but also fun.
  • The article covers the following fintech-driven trends:
    • gamification;
    • product identity;
    • centralization;
    • fully mobile banking;
    • social banking;
    • data visualization;
    • human language.
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Delivering an outstanding user experience for your customers has become a challenge for organizations in recent years. A customer experience involves much more than excellent quality or service.

Article by Ali Abdu
How Your Brand Experience Affects The User Experience
  • While excellent quality or service is important, a strong connection between a brand and a user ensures the best experience possible.
  • Branding is vital for a number of reasons:
    • it creates a feeling of trust;
    • it helps a customer to make a decision when comparing products from different companies.
  • There are various UX factors that are highly influenced by branding:
    • the logo and company colors;
    • the branding style;
    • the details of design.
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A case study on how Booking.com leveled up its UX through trial and error.
Article by Noa Barbiro
Introducing Voice Search Experience at Booking.com
  • The author demonstrates the showcase of introducing a voice search experience at one of the global online travel companies – Booking.com.
  • The article leads us through every stage of shipping a product using machine learning and a new UX and interaction:
    • A product discovery process for user requirements led to the initial step in creating conversational interaction and prioritizing MVP features.
    • After that, the team matched the list of software and algorithmic parts to either already-existing or yet-to-be-built capabilities.
    • The next step is to establish a taxonomy of relevant user journeys and intents (actions we should support and map to the appropriate app screens and inputs).
    • The design and initial interface for the app’s home screen were created as the final step to enable users to conduct any post-booking or search action using voice commands.
  • There is always room for improvement when introducing an innovative experience. Constant work in research and development is a key to a smoother and more individualized experience through a better understanding of intents.
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Introducing Voice Search Experience at Booking.com

Process notes of creating an online magazine for a female professional.

Article by Jennifer ODonnell
Nova: A Modern Publication for the Sexy Nerd
  • The article covers the creation of an online magazine,“NOVA” — a publication focused on spicing up the life of female professionals.
  • The author shares process notes and perspective from each of the project phases:
    • Research (qualitative research, competitor analysis, interviews, quantitate research)
    • Card Sorting
    • LOW-FI (wire framing)
    • MID-FI (edits)
    • Branding (colors, font, voice&tone, mood board)
    • Hi-Fi
  • Lessons and learnings from the project:
    • Mind spacing, especially margins
    • Balance between creativity and function in every design
    • Know when enough is enough
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NOVA: A Modern Publication for the Sexy Nerd | Jennifer O’Donnell


Article by Wicar Akhtar
Affordance in Good Product Design
  • Knowing how affordance impact user experience design is necessary for producing high-quality, user-friendly products.
  • The article covers:
    • The definitions of affordances and signifiers
    • Types of affordances
    • How affordances can be used in UX design
    • How to design for the best affordance
  • Using affordances well can reduce the time your customers think and explore so they can achieve their goals faster and easier.
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Affordance in Good Product Design

Personalization can be a powerful tool for engagement. Here are recommender systems.

Article by Guillaume Galante
5 levels of product personalization: an intro to recommender systems
  • Personalization is a powerful tool for engagement, increasing customer retention and beneficial to acquiring new customers.
  • When working with personalization:
    • Work with your copywriters and be creative
    • Watch user signals
    • Filter content
    • Create collaborative filtering
    • Practice “Bandits” models
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