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Mobile app push notifications are powerful engagement tools, but they can be intrusive if not handled correctly. Don’t hit send on your push notification strategy before asking yourself these questions.

Article by Shoaib Mahmud
Push Notification Best Practices: 7 Questions Designers Should Ask
  • Push notifications are a powerful tool for engaging mobile app users, but they can be annoying if not used effectively.
  • To launch a successful push notification strategy, consider the following key factors:
    • Use push notifications only in the appropriate format for your message.
    • Ensure that notifications are sent at the right time.
    • Personalize notifications to improve relevance to the user.
    • Use concise, clear, and simple copy in your notifications.
    • Consider using deep links for a better user experience.
    • Choose the best delivery method and frequency based on research.
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Banking and finance have dwelled in an ivory tower throughout their history.

Article by Adam Fard
Fintech UX Design Trends for 2023
  • Many banks are implementing innovative solutions to make the user experience not only effective but also fun.
  • The article covers the following fintech-driven trends:
    • gamification;
    • product identity;
    • centralization;
    • fully mobile banking;
    • social banking;
    • data visualization;
    • human language.
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Delivering an outstanding user experience for your customers has become a challenge for organizations in recent years. A customer experience involves much more than excellent quality or service.

Article by Ali Abdu
How Your Brand Experience Affects The User Experience
  • While excellent quality or service is important, a strong connection between a brand and a user ensures the best experience possible.
  • Branding is vital for a number of reasons:
    • it creates a feeling of trust;
    • it helps a customer to make a decision when comparing products from different companies.
  • There are various UX factors that are highly influenced by branding:
    • the logo and company colors;
    • the branding style;
    • the details of design.
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A case study on how Booking.com leveled up its UX through trial and error.
Article by Noa Barbiro
Introducing Voice Search Experience at Booking.com
  • The author demonstrates the showcase of introducing a voice search experience at one of the global online travel companies – Booking.com.
  • The article leads us through every stage of shipping a product using machine learning and a new UX and interaction:
    • A product discovery process for user requirements led to the initial step in creating conversational interaction and prioritizing MVP features.
    • After that, the team matched the list of software and algorithmic parts to either already-existing or yet-to-be-built capabilities.
    • The next step is to establish a taxonomy of relevant user journeys and intents (actions we should support and map to the appropriate app screens and inputs).
    • The design and initial interface for the app’s home screen were created as the final step to enable users to conduct any post-booking or search action using voice commands.
  • There is always room for improvement when introducing an innovative experience. Constant work in research and development is a key to a smoother and more individualized experience through a better understanding of intents.
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7 min read
Introducing Voice Search Experience at Booking.com

Process notes of creating an online magazine for a female professional.

Article by Jennifer ODonnell
Nova: A Modern Publication for the Sexy Nerd
  • The article covers the creation of an online magazine,“NOVA” — a publication focused on spicing up the life of female professionals.
  • The author shares process notes and perspective from each of the project phases:
    • Research (qualitative research, competitor analysis, interviews, quantitate research)
    • Card Sorting
    • LOW-FI (wire framing)
    • MID-FI (edits)
    • Branding (colors, font, voice&tone, mood board)
    • Hi-Fi
  • Lessons and learnings from the project:
    • Mind spacing, especially margins
    • Balance between creativity and function in every design
    • Know when enough is enough
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NOVA: A Modern Publication for the Sexy Nerd | Jennifer O’Donnell


Article by Wicar Akhtar
Affordance in Good Product Design
  • Knowing how affordance impact user experience design is necessary for producing high-quality, user-friendly products.
  • The article covers:
    • The definitions of affordances and signifiers
    • Types of affordances
    • How affordances can be used in UX design
    • How to design for the best affordance
  • Using affordances well can reduce the time your customers think and explore so they can achieve their goals faster and easier.
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6 min read
Affordance in Good Product Design

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