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Motion and Animation

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Motion design has secured itself a predominant position across all industries. What lies behind the ever-increasing demand for animation?

The Widening Impact of the Motion Design Industry
  • Motion design has come a long way in establishing itself as an essential industry that meets business and people’s interest in engaging elements and greater interaction with products.
  • Because of its problem-solving nature, it’s employed not only in UX design and brand communications, but also in such fields as agriculture, health care, and consultancies.
  • Leveraging motion design helps to enhance brand and product design as it creates more engagement and provides greater experiences.
  • As motion design specialists have a deep understanding of the different design fields and visual communication, the demand for them is constantly increasing.
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Used in the right context and settings, animations can add meaning to a user interface and offer immersive interactivity as well.

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Prototyping facilitates rapid iteration and fail-fast (and learn-fast) experimentation, and helps the whole product team push technical limits.

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The lead designer from Looksery—Snapchat’s recent acquisition—explains how user testing led to the creation of an app people can’t get enough of.

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Friction serves different purposes in game design and experience design, and practitioners in each camp can learn a thing or two from the other.

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Pixel art relies on iconic, simple graphic elements that get a point across without being overly worried about minutiae, which can be useful to experience designers.

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