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Motion and Animation

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We can push the limits of learned interaction patterns, paradigms, and visual language and trust users to embrace new UI experiences.

Share:It’s Time to Push the Limits of UI Design
3 min read

The success of a mobile app or site can be made—or broken—by how effectively it uses gestures and animations.

Share:Gestures & Animations: The Pillars of Mobile Design
5 min read

A review of several layer- and code-based prototyping tools highlights opportunities to gain more control over your mobile prototypes.

Share:Comparing Popular Layer-Based and Code-Based Prototyping Tools
8 min read

A review of four page-based prototyping tools—Flinto, Invision, Keynote, and Fluid UI—reveals strengths, weaknesses, and use-cases for each.

Share:Comparing Four Popular, Page–Based, Interactive Prototyping Tools
5 min read

Our understanding of time is dependent on the lens we use, and data visualizations can provide a set of lenses for viewing time from different perspectives.

Share:It’s About Time
8 min read

We’re giving away two more copies of Drawing Ideas, and this time, the authors want to see what you can sketch.

Share:Win This Book (Again)! Drawing Ideas
1 min read

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