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The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping
  • Prototyping is used to validate design assumptions and collect feedback about products before investing in product development.
  • Although wireframes and mockups resemble prototypes, they cannot be substitutes because of their inoperability.
  • Prototypes help to identify usability issues, refine user journey, make design decisions.

Read the full article for breakdown of prototyping.

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A step-by-step guide for those who strive to save time and provide better user experience.

Usability testing quickstart in 30 minutes
  • Taking the time to conduct usability testing allows to discover bugs at earlier stages and earn time to redesign some features.
  • Usability testing doesn’t have to be long. Even 30 minutes might be enough to identify the most critical issues and save costs and development time.
  • There are four main stages to follow to run a test: defining what should be tested, preparing a prototype, explaining to users what we want them to do, observing them.
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Just what are the differences between user stories and use cases? Don’t they have the same goals? But, user stories and use cases are not quite the same.

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LinkedIn is on a clear mission to make professionals more successful by connecting the global workforce and as we learned — diversity and success go hand in hand.

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