With data-driven decisions gradually becoming the norm in every industry, the information dashboard has an important role.

With its interactive and intuitive interface and its ability to visualize data in a single screen, it’s becoming a critical tool in the hands of the business user. Moreover, the information dashboard is also making its way into apps used by laypeople for managing day-to-day activities like budget tracking and fitness management.

So what makes information dashboards so appealing to the human mind? What is it that the human mind seeks that is so nicely provided by information dashboards?

Desire to Control

We love to be in control. Imagine a situation where you are unaware of what’s happening around you. Very soon your panic button is switched on and you want to know what’s going on and what you can control.

From an evolutionary standpoint, if we are in control of our environment we have a better chance of survival. Our subconscious mind prepares us for all kinds of danger (fight or flight) based on our perceived level of control.

An information dashboard gives you that control. Whether it’s a personal finance dashboard that makes you conscious of you spending trends or an enterprise marketing dashboard that helps you keep track of your marketing budgets, both heighten your awareness of a situation, giving you the sense of control you crave.

LumenVox Tuner

This Marketo dashboard helps marketing teams collaborate on budgets and keep spending on target.

Most information dashboards use a three-pronged strategy to establish a sense of control:

  1. Giving you a clear understanding of things to help establish a feeling of certainty
  2. Giving you the resources to predict and plan for the future
  3. Helping you complete critical tasks in time to avoid last-minute panic

LumenVox Tuner

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Short Short Term Memory

In his article “Short-Term Memory and Web Usability,” Jakob Nielsen points out that the human mind can’t store much information in short term memory and that this is especially true when they are bombarded with multiple abstract or unusual pieces of data in rapid succession. He cites research that suggests our short-term memory holds only about seven chunks of information, and that these fade from our brain in about 20 seconds.

Dashboards work by overcoming this limitation of short-term memory. By displaying all relevant information on a single screen within a user’s eye span, they reduce the dependence on the short term memory. You don’t have to remember anything because it’s all there in front of your eyes.

What is it that the human mind seeks that is so nicely provided by information dashboards?

However, in many scenarios, there is so much data that it won’t fit on a single screen. Dashboards work around the limits of short-term memory in three ways:

1. Using chart and graphs to reduce the dependence on short-term memory

To understand this, let’s consider two ways of visualizing the same data: a table and a graph.

LumenVox TunerLumenVox Tuner

It is easier to remember the ups and downs in sales from the line chart than it is to remember the exact figures from the table.

2. Providing an overview/summary screen with drill-down options

The overview screen provides a snapshot view of critical data on a single page, reducing the load on short-term memory. Users can then drill down if they need details about a specific dataset.

LumenVox Tuner

The RescueTime Summary screen provides a bird’s eye view of critical metrics, which can be drilled down for further details.

3. Splitting data across tabs and placing all related data under one tab

This helps reduce the cognitive load on the user by breaking information down into digestible chunks. Also, as related data is placed under one tab, it is easier for the user to analyze it.

LumenVox Tuner

Mint splits data across various tabs: Overview, Transactions, Budgets, Goals, Trends, Investments, and Ways to Save.

Ease of Use

Keep it simple, stupid! This principle works as much in business as it does in real life.

Let’s consider an inventory management system. Using pen and paper, it would take several hours to maintain up-to-date records of incoming and outgoing orders (not to mention the running around involved doing so), with today’s digital dashboards this time can be drastically cut.

LumenVox Tuner

Stitch Labs is one such inventory management dashboard that lets merchants monitor their inventory across multiple sales channels.

Also, with responsive designs becoming the norm in the digital industry, these dashboards will gradually become device agnostic, giving users access to the information from their desktops and laptops as well as a plethora of mobile devices. LumenVox Tuner

The FitBit dashboard can be viewed across multiple devices.


Any product that has an information dashboard as one of its key offerings should keep the psychological needs of its end users in mind. Users like being in control, they have a limited short-term memory, and they love things that are simple. These three factors should form the foundation of all dashboard designs. Understand your user’s requirements and add in your design best practices and you have the ingredients for creating the perfect information dashboard.


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With dashboard designs, we designers face a challenge of presenting large amount of data which was collected over a period of time, months or even years. The long span of time makes it saturated and to present it in a way that users are able to get a complete overview by analyzing the same and get all the relevant information at one glance, is really a daunting task. http://blogs.quovantis.com/ten-remarkable-principles-to-design-informative-dashboards/

Here is the Dashboard Design for Recent project , yes we are working for more and will update soon. Check on Behance

So what makes information dashboards so appealing to the human mind? What is it that the human mind seeks that is so nicely provided by information dashboards? Shilpi Choudhury explores .

Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the ebook in it or something. I think that you simply could do with a few % to power the message home a bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

This seems simple and almost painfully obvious, but you d be surprise how many people forget all about this when producing their dashboards. We need to fundamentally understand the business, what the users are trying to do and what they re looking for.

You can spend years on your visualization and dashboards, but if your BI data quality is questionable, they won t be accepted . Similarly, if your data is great and trustworthy, but you have unreadable and obscure dashboards, people will defect from the BI cause.

Excellent article Shilpi, about a favorite topic of mine!

I think one additional aspect of the "desire to control" motivation for dashboards is our fear of NOT knowing something.  A dashboard gives us the sense that we see the whole picture.   If we have a whole worldview it's like having eyes on the back of our head and x-ray vision through the trees around us.   Nothing will jump out at us from the bushes, or surprise us from behind.  Very calming and reassuring to have that omniscient dashboard feeling.


Hi Shipi Choudhury,I like your conclusion and information dashboad is very vital to any products.

Excelent article Shilpi!. During the last 3 years we are working on strategic dashboards and your comments are very pleasant for our work. It confirm in an easy language of the way the information must be revealed and showed to the reader. The big tip is "How to make the things easier to understand". Many designers and engineers try to make complex systems displaying information too complicated, but it is the wrong way. Making the info easy to read is the big challenge .

Yawn...Such a bland article. Can't believe UX magazine publishes such articles which has nothing new designers know about. Or wait, maybe this is meant for someone who wants to start career as a designer.

Good Stuff Shilpi!

Being a user experience professional, I quite often get assignments for enterprise dashboard applications. This article would certainly be helpful for me. However, I have a different, and yet a vague opinion on 'Users want to be in control'. I assume that 'We love to be in control' means that users do not want to feel inundated with data and getting lost in the large pool of information . Nonetheless, it also made me think about 'users desired control over system'. As I believe, users don't prefer to be in control of the system/application.
For instance, the user feels comfortable when user is allowed to view some more details about the application/site/products without logging in. Whereas, many cart-abandonment and site-abandonment happen if it requires a detailed signup/log-in process. Here user feels in the control of the system which is unwanted. Any kind of restriction directly imposed by the system on users in any of her activities is undesirable.
So, in most of the cases either the user wants the system to be in control, or the user prefers to be in a seamless control, which in any case should not take the form of restriction.
Your inputs on this will help clarify my views.

Many Thanks :)

Thanks very much Shilpi! It is always so amazing reading fascinating articles like this as Psychology and behavioral science in general is my passion. My bachelor's was in Sociology-Psychology and I am more and more into the human aspect of IT and never taken a computer course in college.

Useful article shilpi !

Is there something wrong with this sites thumbs up and thumbs down feature. I can see equal amount of thumbs down, irrelevant to the comment.. Strange !

I work with enterprise Dashboards alot, this is useful piece of information. Nice :)