In Conversation with UX Magazine brings you a discussion with Joe Natoli, founder of Give Good UX and author of the new book, Think First: My no-nonsense approach to creating successful products, memorable user experiences and happy customers.

We talk about the fallacy of unicorns, the A-Team nature of experience design, and why hairdressers are the masters of empathy. Also, if you buy Joe's book the week of October 5th, you get three free training resources.(MP3)

Article No. 1 459 | July 2, 2015
Article No. 1 442 | May 26, 2015
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Joe is indeed an authority and a master in the subject of UI/UX. My first encounter with his well of knowledge was in the book "The Ten Commandments of UI Design". The book changed my perception of UI / UX in a great and amazing ways. Thank you Joe!


Joe is a great UX coach and I am grateful that I had the privilege of working with him once. I agree that "you have to be willing to be wrong" is an awesome point! I also agree with his comment that "design is problem solving. If you're not problem solving, you're just decorating." I did that once upon a time, and know people who still do! Can't wait for his book for a deeper dive into his wisdom and knowledge! 

For some time I follow the teachings of Joe and never disappoints.
Intuitively he spreads his knowledge. An excellent ability to teach user experience, usability, etc.
I await his book Think First.
Thanks Joe and good luck

Very deep insights uncovered in this interview and not a single dull moment ! Hats off Joe. What an amazing piece of advice - "Be willing to be wrong". 

Very enlightening conversation!! So much valuable information about UX packed into a single interview. Can't wait to get Joe's book!!

Listening to Joe talk, and the more I hear about UX process, the more I realize I need to learn or at least be aware.

"You have to be willing to be wrong to investiage further enough." Great advice on how to aproach a design problem.

Very informative, Thanks for this :) 

I like the part of the podcast where he says that as a UX consultant, he knows something of code but he doesn't need to program because there is someone else who knows to program much faster than him.

Each member of a team is better in some area, but all the team need to think first and then act.

Make cup of good coffee or tea, take your seat and listen this interesting talk about UX. With listening (not only this conversation) you can discover many useful details that could help you with designing useful products. And when you will have discovered what is important, but you won't have an idea how to implement that, take your time to Think first.