"The world is almost entirely inhabited by mobile users, individuals who move through a multi-dimensional network of digital threads linking people and machines," Joanna Proulx writes in her poetic article from earlier this year, "Designing for Mobile Superpower."

"Arrayed against the beige boxes and bricks of past decades, the glowing lozenges we carry today are practically indistinguishable from magic," she continues.

"Their pocket-scaled gadgetry out-functions all that came before."

It's true. When you stop and think about the ridiculous number of things a mobile device can do—from just about anywhere, no less—the mind does boggle. And as tablets and smartphones continue to garner the lion's share of our digital affections, we're bearing witness to an astonishing array of mobile applications and solutions.

Many of them are created without sufficient regard to the needs of users and the opportunities inherent to the mobile platforms. The DfE Mobile Solution or Application award recognizes mobile applications and solutions that work with the unique device capabilities, contexts of use, and modes of use of mobile devices to expose new and valuable capabilities to users by way of exceptionally well-designed experiences.

So if there's a slice of mobile magic that has experientially rocked your pocket make your nomination now! If you've been part of the creation of a mobile marvel, apply for this award right now.

Image of mobile device courtesy Shutterstock