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Tammy Guy

Design and Usability Consultant | Tammy Guy Design

Tammy Guy is the founder of a visual design and usability consulting firm focused on strategic brand planning, creative direction and diffusion of user experience problems by applying design theory and usability best practices in a rapidly changing Web environment. Her firm provides consulting services (e-commerce solutions, mobile apps and tablet experience) to clients from various industries such as fashion retail, commodity retail, pharmaceutical, insurance, financial services, social networking and others. Services include product evaluation, strategy and planning, creative development and direction and usability consulting.

With more then 16 years of experience, Tammy previously worked as the Creative Director at LivePerson, Inc. and was a Design Group Manager at the Hertz Corporation where she art-directed all aspects of graphical application development for all customer facing websites.

In addition, Tammy has been a frequent guest speaker with the Nielsen Norman Group for the past few years, teaching visual design and usability workshops. She also teaches similar design and usability courses with General Assembly in New York City.

LinkedIn’s messaging center recently shook up the function of the return key, causing users to make errors and feel apprehensive about future usage of the chat feature.

Article by Tammy Guy
Share:When Online Behavior Becomes Second Nature
4 min read

Make sure your interface leads users along consistent and familiar beats.

Article by Tammy Guy
Share:Usability Tip: Interfaces Need Rhythm
3 min read

Users like to be able to quickly abort noisy videos and the like when they open them by accident.

Article by Tammy Guy
Share:Usability Tip: Make it Easy to Get out of Panic Mode
2 min read

Especially where error messages are concerned, you can’t count on colors to make your message clear to everyone.

Article by Tammy Guy
Share:Usability Tip: Don’t Rely on Color to Convey Your Message
3 min read

Give your users one clear call-to-action for each task.

Article by Tammy Guy
Share:Usability Tip: One Main Call-to-Action Item Per Task
2 min read

Make your processes intuitive and avoid confusing users.

Article by Tammy Guy
Share:Usability Tip: Intuitive Design Clears Confusion
2 min read

Don’t confuse and annoy your users by leading them to dead ends.

Article by Tammy Guy
Share:Usability Tip: No Dead-Ends, Please
2 min read

Calls to action need be clear and compelling to users.

Article by Tammy Guy
Share:Usability Tip: Help Your Users Act
2 min read

Paying close attention to the visual path your website creates will reveal opportunities for reaching peak usability.

Article by Tammy Guy
Share:Visual Balance and Weight Allocation for Usability
6 min read

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