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"How has your organization's culture changed you (or vice-versa)?"

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My organisation believes and works at minimising the gap between seniors and juniors, bosses and the lower ranks in the corporate hierarchy within the office. There are no special cabins for the bosses and everyone sits around the same workspace, no Sir/ma'am etc.

This effectively helps employee and boss interaction much better and lead to a better result. It has changed me in a way that I do not see my boss as a terrifying person anymore and this leads to a much better understanding between us and better results. Also, even if the boss-employee gap is minimized, at the same time I appreciate and respect my boss even more when I sit and work with him.

This confidence that my organisation has instilled in me through this culture has helped me a lot when I interact with other professionals outside or in my personal life as well.

My organizations culture has changed me... hmmm that's a hard one. I think it's given me the ability to manage up and manage down in way i wouldn't have just 2 years ago.