This piping hot slice of wtfUX comes to us from Kevin Cropper, a project manager with the Peace Corps in Washington, D.C. He's running Microsoft Office 2013 on Windows 7 Enterprise and encounters this semantically stilted error message when opening Excel.

Excel's bad semantics

"Is it possible the file was moved, renamed or deleted?" he reiterates. "Typically, I’d want to answer that with something like 'Yes, it is possible,' or 'No, it is right there.' But is 'OK' a viable alternative? Maybe if you are a non-committal teenager speaking to your parent."

Cropper says that when he clicks OK, the message goes away, not to return until he closes and opens Excel again.

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It is obviously a rhetorical question, not meant to be answered.

Perhaps it would have been better phrased as a statement ("It is possible the file was moved, renamed, or deleted"), but it's hardly "adolescent semantics". As if...

Whatever, dad ;)