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Most Read Articles of Q2 2022

by UX Magazine Staff
3 min read
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Here are top 10 most read UX Magazine articles in Q2 of 2022. This collection of articles was read, shared and discussed the most.

Thank you to these 10 authors for contributing perspective, ideas and best practices that the UX Magazine community found so helpful and engaging.

1. UX Design for Children: How to Create a Product Children Will Love by Mariia Kasymova

Nowadays children spend more time online than ever. And UX for kids requires knowledge of their psychology firstly and in-depth user research. Create a product children will love by learning 5 principles for better UX for them.

2. The high-impact UX design areas of 2022-2030 by Yaron Cohen

Even though the UX field is relatively young, it already has a high impact on various aspects of our life. Here are some new interesting problems and challenges the UX community will likely tackle in the rest of the 2020s including.

3. Gamification in UX Design: Designing Fun Experiences for Serious Situations by Dana Kachan

“Gamification empowers you to drive human emotions – that automatically means your product has more chances to become successful because it gets the user’s reaction.” Learn more on how to spice up mobile and web experiences by using game mechanics.

4. UX and decision making by Sreya Majumdar

What do brain models, decision making and UX have in common? Your brain does a lot of things when you try to make a decision but does that mean understanding our brains can help us make better design decisions? Here is a great read explaining how our brains work with decision making and how it can influence your UX design.

5. How to Redesign an App: When to Do It and What to Start With by Kateryna Mayka

It’s a well-known fact that “in some cases changing the design really makes wonders”. But you need to avoid doing a redesign just for the sake of a redesign. Follow these simple steps for an app redesign for greater user experiences.

6. What Can UX Designers Learn From The Uniquely Japanese Concept of Omotenashi? by Chris Kernaghan

There is more to user-centered design than simple research. “The Japanese concept of omotenashi is more than just meeting the demands of guests. It’s about anticipating the needs of guests that may not be communicated in an obvious way.” Learn more what value the concept of omotenashi can bring to the design

7. The Evolution of Experience Design by Dan Ramsden

When new technologies appear, there are always threats and opportunities. And the arising challenges present the opportunity to genuinely architect experiences. Learn what current challenges and opportunities the design faces.

8. Design Trends 2022 (and beyond) by Liviana Popa

Design industry is constantly evolving and developing. So what plans does 2022 have for design? “Design dreamer” at Oracle, Liviana Popa, shares her perspective on design trends of 2022.

9. The Best Design System Is No System by Tony Olsson

When it comes to a design system, there is a constant dilemma. If done successfully, it solves a lot of design headaches. On the other side, it might make us smart at the micro-level but stupid on the macro level. And while a design system is believed to be a helpful tool with many benefits, is it really a blissful prophecy to answer all design problems?

10. UX and Evangelism: Undoing What’s Undoing UX by Debbie Levitt

“User-Centered Design (UCD) isn’t design thinking, design sprints, or Lean UX.” Nevertheless, designers worship these things. “The Mary Poppins of UX/CX” shares her insights on how to fight UX evangelism.

Thank you Marie Kasymova, Yaron Cohen, Dana Kachan, Sreya Majumdar, Kateryna Mayka, Chris Kernaghan, Dan Ramadan, Liviana Popa, Tony Olson and Debbie Levitt for writing such useful material.


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