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Chris Kernaghan

Chris Kernaghan is a Lead UX Designer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He began his career working with a respected design agency after graduating with first class honors in Interaction Design, from the University of Ulster. After working as Lead UX Designer with several startups in the bustling Belfast tech sector, he now works on a consultancy basis. You can follow Chris at feedme.design.

Article by Chris Kernaghan
Do Founders Even Care About Design?
  • The article emphasizes the importance of design in startup success, highlighting the risks of ignoring user feedback and the necessity of effective communication between founders and designers.
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6 min read

How I combat my job insecurities through storytelling and collaboration.

Article by Chris Kernaghan
Fatigue and the Designer
  • The article explores the issue of burnout and fatigue among UX designers and suggests strategies, including effective storytelling and self-care, to combat these challenges and create a more positive work environment.
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5 min read

Embracing the Balance: Nurturing Humanity in an AI-Driven World. Depending on who you ask, AI is either empowerment or a means to take your job. I fall into the former camp, empowerment, and here’s why.

Article by Chris Kernaghan
Amidst All The AI Hype, Remember The Human Touch
  • The article emphasizes the importance of maintaining human connection and empathy in an AI-driven world.
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Advocating empathetic design by anticipating user needs, taking pride in fulfilling them and sharing the knowledge

Article by Chris Kernaghan
What Can UX Designers Learn From The Uniquely Japanese Concept of Omotenashi?
  • Japanese unique approach to creativity might be applied to understanding of design as a new way of thinking.
  • “Omotenashi” is about anticipating the needs of guests which may not be communicated in an obvious way.
  • UX Designers certainly aspire to the principles of “omotenashi” that can be applied to user-centered design and might even work in the context of an agile startup, or corporate behemoth.
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