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Debbie Levitt, MBA is the CXO of Delta CX, has been a CX and UX strategist, designer, and trainer since the 1990s. She’s a change agent focused on helping companies of all sizes transform towards customer-centricity while using principles of Agile and Lean.
Clients have given her the nickname, “Mary Poppins,” because she flies in, improves everything she can, sings a few songs, and flies away to her next adventure.
Her “Delta CX” book and “Transforming Toward Customer-Centricity” training teach companies how to improve customer satisfaction, predict and mitigate business risk, and increase ROI by investing in great customer experiences. She has other training programs that teach non-CX roles about CX, why it’s done by specialists, and how to integrate it into teams and processes.

Transition towards customer-centricity and make your UX/CX agile by following 5 steps

Article by Debbie Levitt
How To Make CX/UX Agile In 5 Steps
  • Debbie Levitt suggests her 5 steps to transform however you’re doing Agile towards Customer-Centric Agile:
    1. Hire fully qualified CX and UX pros to do CX and UX work
    2. Hire CX/UX at a nearly 1:1 ratio with engineering
    3. Kill most meetings, five UX decision-making autonomy
    4. Estimate time and plan
    5. Tri-Track Customer-Centric Agile
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How to make CX/UX agile

UX/CX aren’t what other people think them to be. Learn the truth about UX Evangelism and how the reliance on an approach to workshops, design thinking and empathy might stop you from being a true customer-centered UX/CX professional.

Article by Debbie Levitt
UX and Evangelism: Undoing What’s Undoing UX
  • This article presents two key pieces of advice on how to undo what’s undoing us:
    • Stop relying on an approach to workshops.
    • Look at old and current projects.
  • How do we raise CX and UX maturity?
    • Shift away from making UX look easy.
    • Talk about money and time.
  • How to start undoing what’s undoing us:
    • Stop doing Aspirology workshops
    • Promote different versions of design sprints
    • Get rid of design thinking
  • Great design decisions are all about the knowledge designers can generate through proper research and the actions that we choose to take based on that research.
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The divide between UX/UI Designers and CX Designers has started and it will deepen and widen before settling into a very new normal. Learn what future holds for CX/UX professions.

Article by Debbie Levitt
2-Year Prediction for CX/UX Professions
  • Debbie Levitt gives 2-Year Prediction for CX/UX Professions where there are and will be 2 groups:
    • UX/UI Designers, UI/UX Designers, UX Designers, and Product Designers are often (but not always) visual designers who make wireframes
    • CX Researchers, CX Architects, CX Visual Designers, CX Content Strategists, and CX Data Scientists
  • UX/UI Designers are often visual designers who make wireframes and rarely have extensive knowledge of cognitive psychology, human behavior, and the true foundations of User Experience.
  • The CX Visual Designers believe in User-Centered Design, Human-Centered Design, in complete customer-centricity and put it into practice in every phase and every step of every task.
  • In the course of the next 2 years the world will keep fighting and trying to explain “the value of design” and “reasons to be customer-centric” in order to “save” CX and UX.
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