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Yaron Cohen

User and UX Researcher | Digital Strategist | OMCP | LANDR Audio Inc.

Yaron is a multilingual professional in the field of UX research and digital strategy. At work, he enjoys helping companies innovate and improve their overall user experience. Outside work he enjoys music, long walks, and photography. Take a look at his portfolio at www.yaroncohen.com.

How to use storyboarding in UX and service design without the knowledge of sketching or graphic design

Article by Yaron Cohen
How to Create Storyboards for Design Projects Using Generative AI
  • The article delves into the utilization of generative AI to create storyboards for design projects, catering particularly to individuals lacking sketching or graphic design skills.
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A future outlook of how the stakeholder map is going to get more interesting for UX professionals.

Article by Yaron Cohen
UX People Will Soon Have To Collaborate With New Professions
  • The article explores different futures for UX professionals and discusses how they can prepare to collaborate with new professions in a future that is more interdisciplinary.
  • The author highlights three areas of collaboration:
    • Working with analytics experts on data products;
    • Collaborating with lawyers and ethicists on data-sharing mechanisms and privacy protection;
    • Merging physical and digital design with architects.
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As a UX researcher, using a different lingo to describe what you do could be beneficial to promoting the craft

Article by Yaron Cohen
Is “research” the best word to describe what UX researchers do?
  • Learning languages can help you become a better UX professional as it matters for understanding humans.
  • There are different ways to reframe what UX researches do.
  • What’s so problematic with the word “research”?
    • It sounds academic
    • It sounds time-consuming and expensive
    • People confuse market and UX research
    • It sounds like a cost center to business managers
    • It sounds ambiguous
  • What to use instead of “generative research”:
    • Customer Discovery
    • Problem exploration
    • Benchmark/review of the current state
    • Opportunity mapping
  • What to use instead of “evaluative research”:
    • UX/Usability audit
    • Design evaluation/validation
    • Monitoring/review
  • UX researchers aren’t academic researchers so changing the lingo around what “Research” means in UX context is the means to achieve this goal.
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What can we learn from recent years about big emerging UX design problems to solve in the near and the far future?

Article by Yaron Cohen
The high-impact UX design areas of 2022-2030
  • Even though the UX field is relatively young, it already has a high impact on various aspects of our life.
  • Yaron Cohen, the Senior UX Researcher at RBC, shares a collection of new interesting problems the UX community will likely tackle in the rest of the 2020s including. What these areas have in common is:
    • Solutions with focus on back-end technology
    • Low market concentration
    • The need for government regulation to boost trust
  • The author lays out four UX challenges to solve in the coming years:
    • Helping to make society environmentally-conscious
    • Facilitating international travel in the post-COVID era
    • Reimagining money through digital currencies
    • Decentralizing the Web with blockchain
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