Diversity is tied to culture and financial performance

In Germany, men still make up more than 90% of executive board members and only 9,3% are women. — AllBright 2019

LinkedIn offers immense potential for diversity


Source: LinkedIn

Personally, I am an advocate for meaningful user engagement but if we only engage with our own bubble, aren’t we disregarding the great potential for diverse interactions LinkedIn offers us?

How to tap into LinkedIn’s diverse user base: a feature design challenge

Junior Professionals
Senior Professionals

There is a problem that no competitor solves

We have observed that LinkedIn is not granting accessibility and the curated matching of junior and senior professionals which is causing a lack of meaningful networking and professional success.

Comparison Chart

Market Positioning Mape of the LinkedIn mentorship feature

Rolling up the sleeves, designing the solution

Happy path

Happy path of senior professionals


Mid-fidelity wireframes


Style tile LinkedIn mentorship feature

Example screen
Prototype LinkedIn Mentorship Feature

What comes next

Final thoughts