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Design Theory

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Article by Alipta Ballav
From Design Thinking to AI Thinking
  • The article outlines a paradigm shift from Design Thinking to AI Thinking, emphasizing the integration of LLMs into various sectors to enhance problem-solving through conversational interfaces.
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2 min read

What do Architecture, Computer Science, Agile, and Design Systems have in common?

Article by Kevin Muldoon
A Pattern Language
  • The article explores Christopher Alexander’s impact on diverse fields, from architecture to software development, introducing the concept of design patterns and their influence on methodologies like Agile and the evolution of Design Systems.
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7 min read
Article by Sreya Majumdar
Unleashing the Power of Design Thinking: A Sustainable Journey Towards Business Innovation
  • The article explores Design Thinking’s transformative role in business innovation, using Apple’s case as a prime example, and introduces a forward-looking sustainable framework for assessing innovation.
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3 min read

Consistency is helpful as a tool for designing user-friendly experiences. Until it isn’t.

Article by Robert Stribley
The Tyranny of Consistency

The article critically examines the role of consistency in design. It argues for a nuanced approach that prioritizes clarity and user experience over strict adherence to consistency norms.

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5 min read
Article by Rich Nadworny
What do designers do? Survey results from Sweden.
  • The article discusses the results of a survey conducted by the Design Leadership Community in Stockholm, revealing that many designers still primarily focus on visual creation rather than extensive user interaction in their day-to-day work.
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6 min read

The importance of focusing on usability, communication, and relationships over personal preferences and superficial standards.

Article by Michael F. Buckley
The Cost of Obsessing Over Design Perfection
  • The article delves into the danger of design perfectionism, urging designers to prioritize usability and communication over subjective aesthetics.
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6 min read

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