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LinkedIn is on a clear mission to make professionals more successful by connecting the global workforce and as we learned — diversity and success go hand in hand.

Share:Mentorship Match — How a simple LinkedIn feature can boost diversity

Our interactions provide personalization algorithms with data, which in turn, provide us with tailored content.

Share:How filter bubbles confirm our biases and what we can do about it

The lead designer from Looksery—Snapchat’s recent acquisition—explains how user testing led to the creation of an app people can’t get enough of.

Share:User Testing as a Design Driver

In an age when we’ve got more content than we know what to do with and we can access it whenever we want to, what makes the television experience relevant?

Share:Questioning the Television Experience in the Age of Snapchat

A review of Fitbit Flex—the popular piece of wearable technology that tracks your physical activity—finds the useful device hamstrung by a few design flaws.

Share:A Few Fits about the Flawed UX of Fitbit Flex

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