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Contextual User Studies

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During my first week at Ironhack’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp, we jumped right into our first UX design project — Wicked Problems.

Article by Delawit Assefa
Share:Immigration: A Wicked Problem
10 min read

Some people like to take cooking lessons, others like to go hiking. But many of these things can only be experienced physically, by being there… or can they?

Article by Gabriel Thomsen
Share:How real-life experiences can be transformed in the digital world
5 min read

Start by noticing problems and inconveniences in your daily life, and the lives of people around you.

Article by Christian Jensen
Share:6 easy ways to find a UX side project and strengthen your portfolio
5 min read

How do you find actionable insights in this fast-paced environment, where we don’t always have time to recruit, schedule, and moderate testing sessions?

Article by Lia D. McCabe
Share:How To Gain Actionable User Insights Through Simple Observation: A Case Study
3 min read

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