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A framework for diagnosing a study with conflicting or misleading results, and what to do about it.

Article by Lawton Pybus
How to Think About UX Research Failures
  • The article examines how UX research studies can fail due to issues in design, analysis, and generalization, using case studies to highlight each category’s importance in maintaining research integrity and relevance.
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6 min read

The following text is a shortened transcript of the lectures I gave in the Fall of 2023 at Elisava Master Talks, Blanc Festival and Pau Barcelona.

Article by Martin Lorenz
7 Things I Learned About Systems
  • The article explores the author’s evolving understanding of system design through seven key lessons learned from their professional experiences, emphasizing:
    • the importance of flexibility
    • collaboration
    • accountability,
    • and sustainability in contemporary design practices.

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9 min read

Basic and advanced approaches to understanding and analyzing users’ beliefs about your product

Article by Lawton Pybus
Measuring Users’ Mental Models
  • The article discusses the concept of mental models and various methods for measuring and analyzing them in user research, highlighting their importance in designing user-friendly experiences.
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7 min read
Article by Andy Hilliard
The Rising Demand for Hyperspecialization
  • The article discusses the rising demand for hyperspecialization in software development, driven by emerging technologies and the scarcity of technical skills, and emphasizes the need for companies to balance legacy technologies with the adoption of new solutions to succeed in the evolving landscape.
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5 min read

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