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Customers don’t care what they’re worth to you. They want value from you. That’s what keeps them coming back to you and referring you.

Share:Why The Best Measure Of Customer Value Is The Value You Provide To Your Customers

Micro-interactions provide feedback by users know the status of an interaction, like a loading bar. Helping users see real-time results give a sense of control.

Share:Micro-interactions in UX: The art of subtlety

Digital Transformation can seem daunting. How about a simple starting point? Do you want to improve the service you deliver without increasing staff?

Share:Conversational AI: Talking Our Way to Digital Transformation

To achieve a profitable and growing business, you need happy customers. However, all too often, the voice of the customer gets lost in the process.

Share:Keeping the Voice of the Customer Front and Center

Just what are the differences between user stories and use cases? Don’t they have the same goals? But, user stories and use cases are not quite the same.

Share:User stories vs use cases: how they stack up

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