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Flipping Through Drawing Ideas

by UX Magazine Staff
1 min read
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Join us on a video tour of Drawing Ideas: A hand-drawn approach for better design, the new book by Mark Baskinger and William Bardel.

“Your ability to draw is a fast, powerful means for thinking, reasoning, and visually exploring ideas—providing visual information for self-reflection and focused discussion with your colleagues, teams, and clients,” write Mark Baskinger and Will Bardel in the introduction to their new book, Drawing Ideas: A hand-drawn approach for better design (Watson-Guptill).

“Whether it is of a product, service, information, or system, a hand-drawn sketch communicates the essence of your idea and illustrates its potential. The simplicity of connection between mind, eyes, hands, and pencil shrugs off the layered burden that complex technology often adds.”


Out later this month, the book takes you on a dynamic visual journey that starts with drawing basics—like how to strike good posture and what tools to use—up through telling stories visually. It serves as a compelling reminger that the best designs have their origins in the grey matter between our ears, and that sometimes taking the analog route brings out the best ideas. Drawing Ideas includes hundreds of lush and inspiring sketches so we thought we’d give you a first-hand look in the video below.

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