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As the complexity and quantity of user data multiply, it’s up to designers to create experiences that make the most of it.

Article by Jason Napolitano
Share:Designing Better Experiences Through Data
6 min read

There are some simple things you can do to make sure your designs stay simple and user-centric.

Article by Jared Lewandowski
Share:Refining Simplicity
5 min read

The unique interface features and horizontal navigation of Windows 8 present a wealth of challenges and opportunities to designers.

Article by Konstantinos Drachtidis
Share:User Interface: Windows 8 Style
4 min read

The unique features and attributes of Windows 8 present designers with opportunities to mature the OS and help users learn its ins and outs.

Article by Tiffany Chow
Share:Designing In and Around the Windows 8 Ecosystem
6 min read

A look at 8 trends in technology that will affect the way we design for user experience in 2013.

Article by THE MEME
Share:Eight UX Design Trends for 2013
5 min read

Functional beauty is not as elusive as it sounds and can be created through careful user experience design.

Article by Catalina Butnaru
Share:Functional Beauty and User Experience
6 min read

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