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The Mobile Book, from the folks at Smashing Magazine, harnesses the chaos of the fastest growing sector in UX.

Article by Steve Tengler
Share:Review: The Mobile Book – Smashing Magazine
5 min read

Designing for accessibility on mobile platforms will open your products to the widest customer base and keep you out of legal trouble—win-win.

Article by Dan Ross, Gregory P. Care
Share:The Practical and Legal Reasons Behind Designing for Accessibility
8 min read

Just think of him as the gonzo doctor of best practices in UX.

Article by Steve Tengler
Share:Five User Experience Lessons from Johnny Depp
9 min read

Designing apps for Windows 8 requires a balanced approach to the unique features and interface of the OS.

Article by Christina Seong, Valentina Ferrari
Share:Five Things to Know When Designing a Windows 8 App
8 min read

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