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With the proliferation of new mobile devices and operating systems, each with specific requirements, an adaptive design strategy creates products that adapt over time.

Article by David Sachs
Share:Using Adaptive Design in the Quest for Future-Proof Designs
6 min read

When iOS stopped supporting Adobe Flash back in 2010, significant cross-platform audio and video rendering issues surfaced that remain with us today.

Article by Pete Mackie
Share:Many Forks in a New Road: The UX Hell of Cross-Platform Content Viewing
8 min read

While the complexity of modern systems can make designing for perfection a futile process, embracing the inherent messiness of digital design can forge better solutions.

Article by Steven Hoober
Share:An Introduction to Designing for Imperfection
10 min read

As UX moves closer to human-centered design, taking a values-led approach allows for deeper consideration of the many contexts within which users exist.

Article by Mark Baskinger
Share:Tectonics of UX: Drifts, shifts, and changes in the user experience landscape
7 min read

The best responsive web designs show a rich understanding of what users are looking for and the right way to deliver it.

Article by Nick Switzer
Share:Create a Better Responsive User Experience
8 min read

Impressed with its development opportunities and unique UI, Macadamian chose to devote a quarter of its workforce to the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Article by Meaghan Reinecke, Scott Plewes
Share:Banking on BlackBerry 10
6 min read

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