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During my first week at Ironhack’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp, we jumped right into our first UX design project — Wicked Problems.

Article by Delawit Assefa
Share:Immigration: A Wicked Problem
10 min read

Today’s customers are more demanding and less forgiving than ever before. 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain and 91% of those will simply leave and never come back.

Article by Mohan Krishnaraj
Share:Stop guessing! Decipher your customer intent with touch point analysis.
3 min read

Some people like to take cooking lessons, others like to go hiking. But many of these things can only be experienced physically, by being there… or can they?

Article by Gabriel Thomsen
Share:How real-life experiences can be transformed in the digital world
5 min read

I believe that we can become more impactful designers by listening to stories deeply and telling them strategically in all activities of the design process.

Article by Ashley Bernard
Share:How to Tell Stories Everywhere in Your Design Process
3 min read

Transformation has to be driven by everybody, not just by climate groups, and we have a responsibility to use our influence to drive this.

Article by Katie O’ Connor
Share:Using UX Design to Build a Sustainable Future
5 min read

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