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Speech-recognition apps require specialized testing methods that can be applied to other interfaces as well.

Share:Testing Dialog Design in a Speech Application

There are some simple things you can do to make sure your designs stay simple and user-centric.

Share:Refining Simplicity

Pulling top user-centered design talent away from the coasts is challenging, but it can be done using the right approach.

Share:A Midwesterner’s Guide to Recruiting UX Designers

What “location, location, location” is to real estate, “context, context, context” is to user-centered design.

Share:Contextualization is the Key to Delivering Powerful, Personalized Digital Experiences

User-centered designers and researchers now have the tools and techniques to deliver more personalized (and valuable) experiences than ever before.

Share:Creating Savvy and Sophisticated User Experiences through Personalization

There are many pitfalls that can sink a user’s experience with a website, here are five of the worst.

Share:The Five Worst UX Mistakes Websites Make

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