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Designing in the browser makes it easier to set realistic expectations with clients and creates working comps that are ready to test with users.

Share:Building a Better User Experience by Designing in the Browser
7 min read

The personality types presented by Eastern and Western astrology don’t offer full-blooded user profiles, but they can be a good place to start a research session.

Share:What’s Your Sign? The everyday personas in the stars
6 min read

Displaying search results in a way that rewards users requires a consistent approach, balancing detail and diversity.

Share:Designing Search: Displaying Results
7 min read

How to build innovative and satisfying mobile experiences by cherry-picking Apple’s interface guidelines.

Share:Gettin’ HIGgy With It
8 min read

Having trouble explaining the value of user experience to stakeholders? Let Jim Carrey help.

Share:Five User Experience Lessons from Jim Carrey
8 min read

Playful exercises with metaphor can draw new insights out of piles of research data.

Share:Metaphorical Analysis
13 min read

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