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A discussion about the considerations that go into designing digital experiences and visitor experiences in a museum finds plenty of overlap and inspiration.

Article by Mary Oakland, Shana West
Share:UX and The Museum: Converging perspectives on experience design
5 min read

Looking at UX management from a military perspective reveals a need for both tactical and strategic leadership roles.

Article by John McGloon
Share:The Strategic and Tactical Aspects of UX Leadership
5 min read

Slots and other electronic gambling machines often employ dark design patterns that encourage users to spend and play more without stopping or burning out.

Article by Marc Miquel
Share:Dark UX: The Elements of The Video Gambling Experience
6 min read

Usability testing becomes more effective when you combine quantitative data with eye tracking results that have been cross-referenced using qualitative research

Article by Alexis Conomos, James Breeze
Share:Quantitative Research and Eye-Tracking: A match made in UX heaven
7 min read

Empathy, creativity and systems thinking play crucial parts in the design of successful experiences and can also foster consensus within the UX community

Article by Jordan Clayton
Share:Embracing the UX Spectrum
7 min read

The user interfaces presented in science fiction can be a huge source of inspiration, but designing down is often required to make them an approximate reality.

Article by Dan Turner
Share:Designing Down from Science Fiction: A Staged Approach
9 min read

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