At the beginning of the year, we announced an effort we’ve undertaken to help address the central, unsolved problems central to employment in the user-centered field.

We're hard at work on a series of articles and active initiatives we think will lead to useful resolutions to the nagging problems surrounding hiring and getting hired.

There are, however, other issues affecting the employment market and exacerbating efforts to explain the value and range of UX to the outside world. We see taxonomy and the relative immaturity of our industry at top of this list, but want to know if some of you have other ideas.

UX Magazine exists to facilitate in-depth discussions of important topics just like these. We're going to raise our voice a bit to help start bigger conversations that can lead our community toward answers and maybe even some consensus. We need some thoughts from you:

  1. What are the best issues that the reach and influence of UX Magazine can be used to address?
  2. What are the best ways to move these important conversations forward?

Let us know:

Also, if you run or are involved with a local UX meet-up or book club and would like to work with us to foster a conversation at a local level that we can bubble up to the international level, please contact Josh.


Image of comic hero courtesy Shuttertock