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Article No. 1026 May 29, 2013

UX Magazine is Now Responsive

As you can see, UX Magazine looks a little different than it did a few hours ago.

While this new face is not the result of a redesign—we've merely ported from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7—the site is now built on a responsive theme.

We've received numerous requests over the past year for a responsive site and are delighted to be delivering something that shrinks in a purposeful manner.

You asked for responsive and we, uh, responded.

 As always, UX Magazine remains a free and open-ended resource for the user-centered design and research community. When funding allows, a full redesign of the site will be in order, but, for now, enjoy some UXM on your mobile.


"She was a good ship"


Image of responsive moth courtesy Shutterstock.


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