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Designers should not be mere decorators, but understand language and microcopy, which is a crucial design skill, now more than ever.

Article by David Hall
The Essential Guide to Microcopy and Becoming a More Literate Designer
  • The article emphasizes the importance of microcopy in design, highlighting its role in enhancing user experiences and providing guidelines for crafting effective microcopy throughout the design process.
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10 min read

In this article, I’ll share seven incredibly useful design resources that can elevate your skills as a UX designer in 2024 and make you a well-rounded designer overall. These resources not only help you work more efficiently but also automate repetitive tasks and enable you to create outstanding user experiences. So, let’s dive into this without further delay.

Article by Abhi Chatterjee
7 Must-Have Resources for UX Designers in 2024
  • The article explores seven indispensable resources for UX designers in 2024, offering insights into design methodologies, case studies, UX laws, and practical challenges to elevate designers’ skills and efficiency.
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3 min read

Why does everything look the same?

Article by Michael F. Buckley
Media Overload is Causing Design “Generification”
  • The article explores the impact of streaming media on contemporary design, arguing that the proliferation of personalized content has eroded a shared cultural experience, contributing to a perceived decline in design originality and character.
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4 min read

Consistency is helpful as a tool for designing user-friendly experiences. Until it isn’t.

Article by Robert Stribley
The Tyranny of Consistency

The article critically examines the role of consistency in design. It argues for a nuanced approach that prioritizes clarity and user experience over strict adherence to consistency norms.

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5 min read

I’ve never felt more seen in my life.

Article by Rosie Hoggmascall
Analyzing Spotify’s new day list feature: UI, UX, and great ML
  • The article delves into the introduction of Spotify’s “daylist” feature, explaining its impact on content discovery, user engagement, and self-awareness of music preferences.

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8 min read

Recent history gives us a powerful and definitive reason for hope

Article by Alberto Romero
Why AI Can’t Make Human Creativity Obsolete
  • The article explores the paradox of AI-driven obsolescence of human creativity.
  • It discusses why the fear that AI will make human creativity obsolete is unfounded, highlighting that humans inherently prefer human creations, imperfections and all, over AI-generated perfection.
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7 min read
Why AI Can't Make Human Creativity Obsolete

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