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UX as the New SEO: an interview with Marianne Sweeny

Self-described "Search Information Architect" Marianne Sweeny dicusses her design process, her favorite products, and her views on collaboration

Five Movements in Design That We Should Pay Attention To

As the field of experience design continues to mature, enhanced research techniques and new tactics for measuring emotional response will help us improve users' lives.

Win This Book! Intertwingled

Enter to win a copy of Peter Morville's new book, Intertwingled: Information Changes Everything

The Future of Wearable Technology in Pictures

The winners of our Drawing Ideas giveaway use sketches to imagine hypothetical uses for wearables.

Crowdsourcing Is Social, but Does Not a Social Network Make

A loyal Waze user thinks the move toward social networking in newer versions of the app is a wrong turn.

Spotlight On Mobile Design