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Building an Advanced Digital Assistant with Morgan Stanley

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Take a deep dive into the creation of an advanced digital assistant with Jeff McMillan and David Wu of Morgan Stanley. As the Head of AD&I, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and the Head of Knowledge Management & Generative AI respectively, Jeff and David led the creation of an AI assistant for the global investment firm’s advisors. Robb and Josh invite them in for a conversation about the technical work and strategic initiatives that enabled Morgan Stanley to create a knowledge base that’s given them a massive leap forward with conversational AI.

Jeff McMillan is the Head of Analytics, Data, & Innovation for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management where he spearheads the strategic use of analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to drive growth and efficiency. With a background at Morgan Stanley dating back to 2009, Jeff has held key roles such as Head of Advisor Platforms and COO for the Investment Strategy Group, playing a crucial part in the integration of advisor and client platforms during the Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney merger.

David Wu is a seasoned financial executive currently serving as the Head of Knowledge Management & Generative AI at Morgan Stanley overseeing initiatives aimed at enhancing information accessibility and quality for Wealth Management employees. With a background spanning strategic roles at Credit Suisse and Deloitte Consulting, David brings extensive experience in analytics, business development, and data strategy to his current position. He holds dual majors in Finance and Accounting from the Stern School of Business at New York University, underpinning his strong foundation in financial expertise and strategic thinking.

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