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What to expect from Google after a GPT3 solution release?

Article by Aydin Ozcekic
Google’s Dilemma (GPT3)
  • Everyone is waiting for Google to respond to the GPT3 solution as Google possesses the necessary tools to develop the greatest AI solutions.
  • There is a significant distinction between the ways GPT3 and Google search operate:
    • GPT3 can access data and produce solutions while Google displays the best resources that might be available.
    • GPT3 is responsible for the answer it produces while Google is not.
    • GPT3 concentrates on producing the best possible response while Google anticipates your questions.
    • GPT3 represents the side of knowledge centralization while Google represents the diversity of knowledge.
  • According to the author, it’s crucial for Google to support websites that are the foundation of revenue and not change the way it works.
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Here are the top 10 most-read UX Magazine articles in Q4 of 2022. This collection of articles was read, shared, and discussed the most.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
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SEO or search engine optimisation is all about optimising a page and making it easier for the search engine to recognise and appropriately position the page. UX or user experience is all about providing every page visitor with good content and an excellent overall experience. SEO is about making things simpler for the machine, while UX focuses on making things simpler for human readers.

Article by Kristine Kalnina
Finding a balance between UX and SEO
  • SEO and UX design might look like contrasting fields. However, it’s crucial to find the right balance between the two to stand out.
  • SEO attracts people to the website and helps branding. UX focuses on end-users’ interaction with the brand and aims at retaining them.
  • Some tips include moderating the content length, investing in keywords research, optimizing websites for mobile devices, paying attention to page speed and site navigation.
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Frame balance between UX and SEO

No one can make sweeping generalizations about what to change or how to optimize conversion rates. But if you go in with an open mind, you can learn something new.

Article by Lucy Barret
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Designers can streamline their workflow and improve their products by getting down and dirty with some rough-and-tumble research methods.

Article by Jocelyn Lin
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3 min read

Mobilegeddon may have come and gone with a whimper, but big brands that failed to properly optimize for mobile have paid the price.

Article by Owain Powell
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