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When implemented properly, parallax scrolling can create a hypnotic effect, drawing users deeper into your site and compelling them to act.

Share:The Hypnotic Effect of Parallax Scrolling and How it Impacts User Experience

An excerpt from The Digital Crown explains the goal of effective content: users immediately recognize it, know it is for them, know what to do, and do it.

Share:Book Excerpt: The Digital Crown

The results page is a crucial piece of the search experience, and presents an opportunity to meet users’ information needs and engage a dialogue that guides them.

Share:Designing Search: Results Pages

Attention to detail, a focus on immersion, and the desire constantly improve his products made Walt Disney one of the earliest designers of user experience.

Share:Walt Disney: The World’s First UX Designer

An excerpt from Why We Fail, a new book from Rosenfeld Media, chronicles the design, limited release, and failure of Google Wave.

Share:Book Excerpt: Why We Fail

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