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Search, SEO, and SEM

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The experience of shopping will change as emerging technologies alter the way products are packaged and presented to consumers.

Share:Packaging as Media and the Future of Customer Experience
7 min read

As homepages continue to lose prominence as landing pages, designers should reconsider how and where they use a “home” button.

Share:Are You Putting the Home Button to Good Use?
6 min read

Displaying search results in a way that rewards users requires a consistent approach, balancing detail and diversity.

Share:Designing Search: Displaying Results
7 min read

Taking stock of your content’s punch and relevance to users reveals pathways to rewarding interactions.

Share:Putting Your Content to Work: A user-centric approach to evaluation
4 min read

A look at 8 trends in technology that will affect the way we design for user experience in 2013.

Share:Eight UX Design Trends for 2013
5 min read

Answer a question and enter to win a book

Share:Win This Book! Designing the Search Experience: The information architecture of discovery
3 min read

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