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Journey mapping is a sophisticated, simple, and especially powerful tool that can help designers perfect the customer experience.

Share:The 7 Steps of Using Journey Mapping to Optimize CX
4 min read

Podcasting with Alan Cooper: father of Visual Basic, creator of personas, co-founder of Cooper, and all-around toolmaker.

Share:In Conversation with Alan Cooper
1 min read

Big data opens up whole world of insight for designers, but only if we focus on the actual users behind the numbers.

Share:Is It Time to Forget Big Data and Focus on Real People?
5 min read

Charting your progress in the design process with the help of a simple checklist can keep you team focused and productive.

Share:Simplify Your Projects by Using a UX Checklist
3 min read

Want to give users an on-demand service they keep coming back to? Make sure to know your product, educate your users, and build trust.

Share:Turning On-Demand Services into Products Users Want
4 min read

Keeping open lines of communication at every stage of product development will save time and lead to better experience design.

Share:Communication: The Cure for Common UX Design Challenges
6 min read

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