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Some people like to take cooking lessons, others like to go hiking. But many of these things can only be experienced physically, by being there… or can they?

Share:How real-life experiences can be transformed in the digital world

I believe that we can become more impactful designers by listening to stories deeply and telling them strategically in all activities of the design process.

Share:How to Tell Stories Everywhere in Your Design Process

Biases often creep into our design decisions. We should avoid such biases and understand the importance of staying neutral while evaluating everyone’s opinion.

Share:6 Ways Psychology Affects Your Design Work

All the winners have been chosen! Take a look.

Share:Announcing Winners of the 2016 UX Magazine Awards!

Journey mapping is a sophisticated, simple, and especially powerful tool that can help designers perfect the customer experience.

Share:The 7 Steps of Using Journey Mapping to Optimize CX

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