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Internal Company Dynamics

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Based on my own experience, here are the 5 things you need to have in your portfolio to stand a chance of success.

Article by Westley Knight
Share:5 things hiring managers are looking for in your UX portfolio
6 min read

Critiquing is about a way to make sure that each person in the room is as smart as the smartest individual in the team.

Article by Rounak Bose
Share:A Guide to Giving and Receiving Design-centered Critique
6 min read

So why didn’t the designers of electronic health records design them for the doctors, their users?

Article by Tiffany Goh
Share:How UX research can improve the quality of care we receive from doctors
3 min read

A collection of actionable advice for the job hunting Jr Designer

Article by Joel Lipton
Share:Jr Designer’s Pandemic Era Job Hunt Survival Guide
5 min read

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