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Interface and Navigation Design

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A gig with a startup teaches a seasoned content strategist the real difference between web writing and UX writing.

Article by Ben Barone-Nugent
Share:Three Lessons Learned Doing Content Strategy for a Startup
4 min read

Designing large software products requires a living library of the project’s diverse elements and visual standards, enter the enterprise UI toolkit .

Article by Ariel Grace Snapp
Share:How to Create an Enterprise UI Toolkit
6 min read

An excerpt from Why We Fail, a new book from Rosenfeld Media, chronicles the design, limited release, and failure of Google Wave.

Article by Victor Lombardi
Share:Book Excerpt: Why We Fail
10 min read

Heidegger’s ideas about goal orientation make a case for middle ground between visible and invisible interfaces.

Article by Thomas Wendt
Share:Designing for Transparency and the Myth of the Modern Interface
8 min read

The rise of mobile technology has made traditional websites obsolete and the winning designs of the future will be immersive experiences with rich narratives.

Article by Chuck Longanecker
Share:The Future of Web Design is in Our Hands
7 min read

As put forth in his new book, Evil by Design, Chris Nodder argues that it’s acceptable to deceive users with persuasive design when it’s in their best interests.

Article by Chris Nodder
Share:How Deceptive Is Your Persuasive Design?
5 min read

Did you know UX Magazine hosts the most popular podcast about conversational AI?

Listen to Invisible Machines

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