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Interface and Navigation Design

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A closer look at the Design for Experience awards category: Promoting Empathy For Users

Article by Steve Tengler, Design for Experience
Share:Design for Experience: Promoting Empathy for Users
3 min read

Thoughtful inspection of qualitative and quantitative data allows UX professionals to glean genuine insight on user behavior from reams of big data.

Article by Michael Lai
Share:When Does Quantity Become Quality? How to navigate big data
6 min read

In interviews, the experience design leaders at Groupon, eBay, and Lumension share their views of UX and agree it still has some growing to do.

Article by Wayne Neale
Share:Three Design Team Leaders on the State of UX
10 min read

A closer look at the Design for Experience awards category: Bridging Digital and Physical Experiences.

Article by UX Magazine Staff, Design for Experience
Share:Design for Experience: Bridging Digital and Physical Experiences
2 min read

Our everyday encounters with with good and bad experiences can be leveraged as part of an ongoing UX education.

Article by Alessandro Fard
Share:The UX University of Life
4 min read

Attention to detail, a focus on immersion, and the desire constantly improve his products made Walt Disney one of the earliest designers of user experience.

Article by Joseph Dickerson
Share:Walt Disney: The World’s First UX Designer
8 min read

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