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Interface and Navigation Design

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When employed to its full potential, field research done in unique user environments can uncover opportunities to innovate customer experience.

Article by Jessica Weber, John Cheng
Share:Making the Most of Ethnographic Research
7 min read

With gamification continuing to grow in popularity as a way to engage users, the new book Gamification at Work lays out the five steps of “player centered design.”

Article by Janaki Kumar
Share:Five Steps to Enterprise Gamification
7 min read

Avoid creating scuzzy user experiences by studying the oeuvre of Seth Rogen.

Article by Steve Tengler
Share:Five User Experience Lessons from Seth Rogen
9 min read

Leaving skeuomorphic design behind, iOS 7 offers a light and playful experience, perfectly in tune with the content it is designed to support.

Article by Riccardo Spina
Share:Review: iOS 7 Gives Us Insight Into the Future of Mobility
5 min read

Building a bridge between the disparate experiences of IT administrators and end users can improve UX in enterprise software.

Article by Michael Ashley
Share:Rethinking Enterprise UX in the Age of Consumerization
5 min read

An experimental project for DrupalCon Portland becomes an opportunity to create a whimsical and useful event app that users will still remember after the conference ends.

Article by Beth Burghardt
Share:Hey, Event Apps: Why So Serious?
5 min read

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